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What to know:

  • 10 NEW Flavours!
  • 18 ml E-liquid Content
  • USB Type C Rechargeable Device
  • OLED Screen 
  • Each Carton has 6 Devices

Flavour Profiles:

 Blueberry Blood:  A luscious blend of ripe blueberries with a tangy twist of blood orange. Sweet, with a zesty finish.
Chilled Banana:  A cool, refreshing banana flavour with a hint of icy menthol for a smooth and frosty finish. Sweet, creamy, and invigorating.
Chilled Peach:  Sweet peach nectar with a refreshing icy finish, perfect for a cooling, mellow experience.
Classic Blue: A smooth and sweet blue raspberry essence with a refreshing tangy finish, capturing the essence of a timeless favourite.
Just Mint: A crisp, clean mint flavour, delivering a burst of refreshing coolness for a soothing, simple experience.
Pink Lemon:  A delightful fusion of tart lemon and sweet pink berries, offering a lively and refreshing taste sensation.
Sharp Apricot:  A vibrant burst of ripe apricot with a zesty, tart finish, creating a refreshingly sharp flavour profile.
Strawberry Dragon Fruit: The classic blend of sweet strawberries and exotic dragon fruit, offering a tantalizing mix of smooth sweetness and vibrant tropical flavours.
Strawberry Watermelon:  Juicy watermelon and ripe strawberries combine for a sweet, refreshing blend that's bursting with summertime flavours.
White Grape & Blueberry:  A refreshing mix of crisp white grapes and succulent blueberries, delivering a smooth, fruity taste with a balanced sweetness.

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Margin: 46%

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