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Introducing the new king of synthetic nicotine. A hit like no other product on the market. 

What to know:

  • 19 ml E-liquid Content
  • Variable Voltage Device (3.4 V-3.6 V)
  • 5 Best Selling Flavours
  • USB Type C Rechargeable Device
  • OLED Screen 
  • 20 mg Synthetic nicotine 
  • Each Carton has 6 Devices

Created with a brand new high quality design and a hit you cannot find anywhere else.

Guaranteed satisfaction, featuring synthetic nicotine. Lab-produced nicotine is enhanced to feel similar to a 50mg/mL salt nicotine product. 

Suggested MSRP: $29.99

(Only available in 20mg/mL Synthetic Nicotine)

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